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Small and mid-size businesses, from e-commerce platforms to influential blogs, can leverage their connections to earn additional revenues.

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When you sign up, you get an exclusive referral link and ads to place on your website or social platforms. Whenever a merchant clicks your ad or link to visit us, a 90-day tracking cookie makes sure you get credit when they sign-up with 2Checkout. Then, when that merchant sells products or services through 2Checkout, you share in the revenue from each transaction.

Earning potential

As the businesses you refer accept more payments and grow, you earn more revenues. Some of our referral partners have earned $50K, $150K or over $250K for referrals to 2Checkout over the past two years.

per transaction

"2Checkout is a prime example of a partner that simplifies the work behind international payments for our thousands of merchants."

— Melanie Kalemba, Senior Vice President of Sales and
Strategic Business Development, Bigcommerce


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